Global recalls have been the main reasons that the world's largest car manufacturers have hit the front pages over the past 5 years. It is an unfortunate fact that changing tastes in the automotive industries in the Western World, driven by far higher road safety understandings and levels of consumer awareness, are helping the media to expose faults even if they are pro-actively identified by the manufacturer. Recalls are expensive for businesses too. The threat to even the largest, globally renowned, manufacturers is very difficult to control and can escalate into legal costs, recall campaign costs, parts and, most damaging, lost potential sales.

Brake hose integrity is not the highest of car buying criteria, for the average consumer, yet brake hose failures certainly produce accidents of the type that gain negative global media coverage, that is damaging to manufacturers and their suppliers. Ensuring your brake hoses will work under the most extreme standards is vital to protecting your business against litigation, leading to unseen costs that can seriously limit or destroy a business. The highest standards of testing will provide your customers with the confidence to continue to use your products, increasing your value within your target marketplace.

4ward Testing provides the highest levels of testing, allowing your products to surpass your customer's expectations and enable your business to remain confident of continuing revenue streams. Our testing environments are well established and continually updated to ensure we can provide the most stringent of brake hose testing, including:

Accelerated lifecycle simulation:

  • Fast cycle pulsed pressure
  • Slow cycle pulsed pressure
  • High frequency cycled pulsed mechanical movement (flexing, bending or vibration)

Performance and critical failure tests:

  • Burst tests
  • Set pressure stepped delivery
  • Set pressure linear delivery

With our wide range of testing environments, 4ward Testing is able to provide the highest level of data output and analysis ensuring your business remains confident that your offerings will continually perform to the levels required of high performance products. Our extreme temperature testing ranges allow us to replicate super-sport car operating specifications ensuring our testing caters for the complete range of automotive products. In return, this provides your business with the highest levels of implementation within your clients' product ranges to increase your revenue streams and protect your business against unexpected threats.

The increasing levels of automotive recalls are signs of a more responsible automotive industry, keen to ensure safety for their consumers and develop strong brand loyalty. These recalls represent increased quality control and standard implementation across the automotive industry. The next step is to reduce recalls by ensuring that the delivered product performs to the standards and lifespans expected by the consumer, whilst delivering a product that meets high consumer expectation for performance, quality and value. At the root of these expectations, lies high performance testing executed in 4ward Testing’s high quality environments to provide value from each component ensuring manufacturers keep their cars on the road and out of the news.

The 4ward Testing deliverables include a comprehensive report and certificate detailing the complete testing process, allowing your business to effectively communicate that your product meets or even surpasses the relevant standards. These provide your clients with the assurances to implement your products across their complete range increasing your market share, and end user confidence in your products.

Reviews From Our Happy Clients
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Reviews From Our Happy Clients
4ward Testing have worked closely with Canusa and our client on all aspects of the work undertaken. Their wide experience, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of international specifications and standards, has helped speed the testing process considerably and their professional, authoritative and confident testing skills have allowed us to arrange witnessed tests, giving our clients even greater assurance of true independence - tangible benefits of the 4ward Testing philosophy of intelligent testing.We would have no hesitation in recommending 4ward Testing, as they have proven to be a modern, professional an progressive testing laboratory with a refreshing mix of academic and...

Canusa Systems Ltd

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