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What does that number mean to you? No, not the Golden Ratio that’s 1.61803398875

Amongst the stringent safety Tests that all Brake Hoses must be subjected to is the Whip Test, clause S5.3.3 FMVSS-106 and 4.2.6 SAE J1401

This is the hardest test for brake hoses/ lines to pass. 

The brake hose on test is pressurized to 15 times atmospheric pressure then whipped for 35 hours without mercy. Whipping occurs at 800 revs per minute for 1 680 000 revolutions.

To brake hose Manufacturers and Test Laboratories there is no “chance” involved with safety and, wishes may or may not come true that’s why we have and need Standards, such as the FMVSS 106.

When you press the pedal you need to know that you are going to stop, time after time after time. Even after thousands of trips, riding bumps, steering round corners, bending and flexing your brake hoses/brake lines through summer heat, cold winters and salty roads!

Brake hoses are constructed not only of rubber/PTFE/other linings, but outer sheaths of braided stainless steel/plastic/carbon fibre and crimped end fittings, all of which have to survive twisting and bending all year round for many years without failure.

Not only cars but motor bikes, commercial and industrial vehicles, and high-end bicycles, in fact, wherever there is hydraulic pressure being applied via a flexible hose.

Not critical for bicycles you may think? Think Tour de France/weekend ride? Think speed, think stopping reliability and getting back safely. Safety, ahah, that’s the buzzword….

Certified brake hoses/lines must survive this and other stringent tests without failure to ensure confidence and safety!  If you've ever taken a wire and bent it back and forth a few times to break the wire you know how hard bending the metal is on the structure of it.

Are your Test Certificates up to date, to meet the new regulations in October 2014?

In addition to our comprehensive testing services for brake hoses to FMVSS-106, SAE J1401 and a wide rang of global and manufacturer’s specifications, 4ward testing are pleased to offer our NEW Whip test facilities at competitive rates.

To gain approval or re-certification please contact us for a quotation 

Reviews From Our Happy Clients
4ward Testing have been involved in providing performance values for our coating products for several years. We have found them to be professional and accommodating in all aspects of quality and expediency. They offer both value and service, giving confidence to Sika and the markets we serve

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Reviews From Our Happy Clients
4ward Testing have worked closely with Canusa and our client on all aspects of the work undertaken. Their wide experience, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of international specifications and standards, has helped speed the testing process considerably and their professional, authoritative and confident testing skills have allowed us to arrange witnessed tests, giving our clients even greater assurance of true independence - tangible benefits of the 4ward Testing philosophy of intelligent testing.We would have no hesitation in recommending 4ward Testing, as they have proven to be a modern, professional an progressive testing laboratory with a refreshing mix of academic and...

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