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ISO 22196:2011 serves as an important guideline in the realm of antibacterial activity measurement, specifically for treated plastics and other non-porous surfaces of products, including those in intermediary stages. It sets forth a distinct method for evaluating the antibacterial action of these surfaces, thereby enabling a reliable and standardized measurement of their effectiveness against bacterial contamination. This standard is pivotal in industries where products with antibacterial-treated surfaces are utilized, such as in healthcare or consumer goods, to ensure product safety and efficacy.

However, it is important to clarify that ISO 22196:2011 is not intended to assess the effects and propagation of bacteria on non-porous surfaces without antibacterial treatments. Such evaluations are covered by a separate standard, ISO 846. Moreover, ISO 22196:2011 does not encompass secondary impacts of antibacterial treatments like the prevention of biodeterioration and odour, nor does it serve as a benchmark to claim or validate the biodegradability of materials such as plastics.

In essence, while ISO 22196:2011 is instrumental in assessing antibacterial activity on treated surfaces, it does have its limitations. Certain materials like building materials (unless used in the same way as treated articles), antibacterial-treated textile products, and photocatalytic materials and products are excluded from this standard. Thus, understanding its scope and application is vital to avoid misinterpretation or misuse in industry practices. Such adherence to the standard helps maintain the highest level of product safety, consumer trust, and public health.

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