Waterproof & Damp-Proof Membrane Test Reports

As an Independent UK Laboratory, 4Ward Testing offer testing of waterproof and damp proof membranes to a wide range of International and National Specifications – BS, ASTM, DIN & ISO, for tests such as Water Vapour, Transmission Rates, Penetration, Pressure test, Adhesive strength, Resistance to impact and tear, Tensile strength and Chemical resistance.  We provide a professional and competitive service with clear and presentable test reports written within tight deadlines.

Knowing if your waterproof membranes and roofing materials will withstand the forces of nature: temperature, humidity, wind, rain, building movement and deformations, is integral to product performance.  At 4Ward Testing we can test the characteristics and durability of your product; ranging from walls, floors, roofs, basement products, water containment to infrastructure protection.

We also carry out accelerated ageing with exposure to Xenon and UV light, thermal ageing, with a temperature range from -74°C to 350°C with 0-100% RH, as well as exposure in our salt spray chamber.

As the role of waterproof membranes in the construction industry grows, so does the development and application for building protection, water containment and land reclamation. Product lifespan, cost and performance are key to the manufacturing and sales price of these products.

We would be delighted to discuss any testing requirements, product performance & development.

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Reviews From Our Happy Clients
We asked 4 Ward Testing to carry out testing on a construction industry material that was not easy to handle , to help us achieve CE Marking approval . The organisation did this without complaint and along with the after service care , we are pleased to use them again for future testing and projects.

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