How does Salt Spray Testing cut your costs and increase your profits?

Salt Spray (or Salt Fog) Testing is used to replicate weathering conditions.

Our chamber encloses products in a fine mist of salt solution at a controlled temperature. Products exposed to the natural elements, especially those in marine, automotive and pipeline industries are attacked by the actions of salt corrosion. It is therefore vital to know how these actions affect your products.

Salt Spray Testing on general exterior products will simulate an accelerated aging process, giving results much faster than other aging methods.

A few years ago (2005) the ASTM B117-09 test standard (Salt Spray Testing) was amended. To comply with this, a level of purity in the salt used has been specified for the first time.

The new specification requirements are:

  • The salt cannot contain any anti-caking agent
  • Copper levels in the salt must not exceed 0.3 ppm by weight
  • The total Fluorine, Iodine and Bromide content must be no more than 0.1% by weight

4ward Testing Ltd has been and will continue to use only this pure, high grade salt in all our salt spray testing equipment.

Apart from the standard salt spray exposures to a full range of International standards, our chambers are capable of neutral spray.

We can also accommodate products of up to 1 cubic meter in volume, for example heavy units such as engine blocks.

Reviews From Our Happy Clients
We asked 4 Ward Testing to carry out testing on a construction industry material that was not easy to handle , to help us achieve CE Marking approval . The organisation did this without complaint and along with the after service care , we are pleased to use them again for future testing and projects.

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