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  • Triple1 Group

    As one of the UK's manufacturers of medical face masks, certification for the quality of our products is imperative. 4ward were extremely diligent and efficient and we look forward to working with their professional testing services in the future.

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Environmental Ageing and Physical Test Facilities from 4Ward Testing

Environmental Ageing and Physical Test Facilities from 4Ward Testing

Environmental, Marine and Life Cycle testing programmes are vital in determining the reliability of products, raise confidence, increase business value and maximise profitability.  This type of testing is widely used to simulate marine, outdoor and indoor conditions that can be detrimental to a product or its packaging over relatively long periods.

Xenon Arc

  • QUV exposure with scalable condensation & heat
  • Fully equipped environmental chambers ranging from -74°C to 100°C, 0-100% Relative Humidity
  • Ovens to 350°C
  • Salt Spray for monitoring corrosion of coating, metals,  fabrics etc

Complimentary to our environmental testing, 4Ward Testing is also able to complete the quantitative physical and mechanical testing to ascertain the degradation of any product and assess any change in their physical and visual properties.

4Ward testing provides each customer with presentable, clear and concise reports tailored to their individual needs.  These may be specific testing programmes or carried out to national or international standards, eg. ASTM, ISO, BS, DIN, EN, MIL, IEC to determine the effects of corrosion, heat ageing, thermal shock cycling, salt, water and UV stability etc.

For further information please visit www.4wardtesting.co.uk

If you have any environmental or physical testing performance requirements now or in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us for programme/specification development and a full written quotation.

UKAS Testing Laboratory
No 0307, Notified Body No 2538, ISO 17025 Accredited.

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  • Real business value
  • Extended web presence
  • Targeted SEO keywords
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