Environmental, Marine and Life Cycle Testing

Environmental and Mechanical Test Facilities at 4ward Testing

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Environmental, Marine and Life Cycle testing programmes are vital in determining the reliability of products, raise confidence, increase business value and guarantee the performance of your product.  This type of testing is widely used to simulate changing marine, outdoor and indoor conditions that can be detrimental to a product or its packaging over relatively long periods.

  • QUV exposure with scalable condensation and heat
  • Fully equipped environmental chambers ranging from -74°C to 100°C, 0-100% Relative Humidity
  • Ovens to 350°C
  • Salt Spray for monitoring corrosion of coating, metals, fabrics etc
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Complimentary to our environmental testing, 4ward Testing is also able to complete the quantitative physical and mechanical testing to ascertain the degradation of any product and assess any change in their physical and visual properties.

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We would be delighted to discuss any testing requirements, product performance & development, as well as CE marking classifications. 

Please contact: – [email protected] or visit https://www.4wardtesting.co.uk/ 

Tel: +44 (0)1798 342240,

Notified Test Laboratory no. 2538

UKAS Accreditation no. 0307



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We have been really satisfied with the high level of service, courtesy and clarity with which we have been helped in understanding the necessary requirements for the CE Marking of our products. The difference in approach between 4ward Testing and other European Test Laboratories has been huge

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