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4ward Testing Standards Database - 4ward Testing

Cathodic Disbondment at Ambient

Standard Test Method for Water Penetration into Pipeline Coatings

Cathodic Disbondment at Ambient

Indentation Resistance

Testing concrete. Method for determination of water absorption

Flow Resistance, Cup Method

Cold Bend (Single Temperature)

Flexural Strength of Plastics

Methods of testing plastics. Glass reinforced plastics. Measurement of hardness by means of a Barcol impressor

Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate

Hot-applied thermoplastic road marking materials. Specification for constituent materials and mixtures

Slant / Shear Bond Strength

Compressive Strength

Cathodic Disbondment at Ambient Temperature: Cathodic protection. External organic coatings for the corrosion protection of buried or immersed steel pipelines used in conjunction with cathodic protection. Tapes and shrinkable materials 

Rubber and plastic hoses and hose assemblies for measured fuel dispensing systems 


Sealants - Self-leveling properties

Sealant Testing - UKAS Notified Body

Rubber hoses and hose assemblies for fuel truck delivery 


Moisture Vapour Transmission

Paints, varnishes and plastics Pull-off test for adhesion

Rubber and plastics hoses and hose assemblies — Methods of measurement of the dimensions of hoses and the lengths of hose assemblies


Rubber or plastic hoses - determination of volumetric expansion



Rubber and plastics hoses — Determination of adhesion between components 


Testing of HP Laminates

Rubber hoses — Determination of abrasion resistance of the outer cover


Rubber hoses and hose assemblies — Wire braid reinforced hydraulic type

Rubber hoses and hose assemblies — Textile reinforced hydraulic type


Plastics hoses and hose assemblies — Textile-reinforced types for hydraulic applications


Rubber hoses and hose assemblies — Rubber-covered spiral wire reinforced hydraulic type


Rubber hoses and hose assemblies: Wire braid reinforced compact type for hydraulic applications 


Building construction — Sealants — Determination of change in mass and volume

Building construction — Sealants — Determination of tensile properties of sealants at maintained extension after immersion in water

Building construction — Sealants — Determination of adhesion/cohesion properties of sealants after immersion in water

Rubber and plastics hoses and tubing — Measurement of flexibility and stiffness Part 1: Bending tests at ambient temperatures


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