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  • Triple1 Group

    As one of the UK's manufacturers of medical face masks, certification for the quality of our products is imperative. 4ward were extremely diligent and efficient and we look forward to working with their professional testing services in the future.

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1st UK Notified Testing Lab for hEN15651:2012

1st UK Notified Testing Lab for hEN15651:2012

By July 1st 2014 all Sealant products for External Facade Elements, Glazing, Sanitary Joints and Pedestrian Walkways (hEN 15651:1, 2, 3 & 4) will be required to carry a recognised CE mark. CE Marking certification can only be gained following successful testing from a Notified Testing Laboratory.

4ward Testing is first in the UK with Notified Testing Laboratory Status (NB No 2538) for the hEN 15651:2012 set of standards for Sealants.

As a UKAS accredited Test Laboratory (0307) and Notified Testing Laboratory (NB 2538), 4ward Testing provides a full spectrum of sealant testing. With many years experience in Construction Product Testing, we can offer testing for resistance to flow, change in mass and volume, tensile properties, adhesion properties, cohesion properties (carried out at a range of temperatures, with or without submersion), elastic recovery, resistance to compression, self-levelling properties, shore hardness, density determination, evaluating the action of micro-organisms and identification testing.

From our definitive Product Advice Service through to our full range of hEN 15651 focused Tests, 4ward Testing provides the total testing solution to CE Mark your products, allowing your business access to the growing European Sealant Market. Our Product Advice Service allows us to provide customers with a competitive quote and precise timescales to reduce Time to Market, enabling your business to remain competitive whilst enhancing strong product performance and confidence in your brand.

The most critical issue facing Sealant manufacturers in Europe is Product Evaluation. Many businesses have not yet audited their range of products in relation to the NEW harmonised standard set (hEN 15651:2012) and with the July 1st 2014 deadline rapidly approaching, this is key to ensuring your products are commercially viable. 4ward Testing can provide a rapid Product Assessment to identify the characteristic tests required, allowing competitive quoting and shorter timescales for you to gain CE marking certification. This is vital for trading within the UK and the rest of Europe.

The European Coatings Journal indicated that the 2014 European market for Sealants and Adhesives would have a value of £8.5 billion. From July 1st 2014, all sealants for non-structural use in buildings and walkways will be required to carry CE Marking, potentially leaving many manufacturers without the ability to legally compete in this lucrative market. 4ward Testing’s unique position as a UKAS Accredited Laboratory, Notified Testing Laboratory and a member of BASA (British Adhesives and Sealants Association) creates an excellent opportunity for its customers to maintain and grow their position after July 1st 2014 with a complete “end-to-end” solution, from initial product assessment to CE performance testing. With over 40 years’ testing experience in a wide range of markets 4ward Testing is ready to provide your business with a one stop shop to CE Marking.

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