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Adhesive Testing Services

Adhesive Testing Services

4ward Testing offers testing, development and enhancement services to global adhesive manufacturers. We can test to any specification listed below; the standards help to identify adhesive bond or joint mechanical properties which include strength, creep, fracture, and fatigue. The different effects of environmental factors on adhesive bonds and joints can be evaluated in-house. We also offer tailor made programs to suit your products.

Adhesives can have different properties depending on their volatile and non-volatile contents. Testing helps to identify these properties which include viscosity, adhesion, shear strength, and shear modulus.

General Structural Adhesives Tests

  • BS EN 14869 Determination of shear behaviour of structural bonds
  • BS EN 15870 Determination of tensile strength of butt joints
  • BS EN 28510-1 Peel tests for a flexible-bonded-to-rigid test specimen assembly
  • BS EN 28510-1 +AMD 1993 90 degree peel
  • BS EN ISO 8510-2 Peel test for a flexible-bonded-to-rigid test specimen assembly 180 degree peel
  • BS EN ISO 9311-1 Adhesives for thermoplastic piping systems
  • BS EN ISO 9653 Test method for shear strength adhesive bonds
  • BS EN ISO 11339 Structural Adhesives. T-peel test for flexible-to-flexible bonded assemblies
  • BS ISO 4787 Adhesives. Determination of tensile lap shear of rigid-to-rigid bonded assemblies
  • ASTM D1876-01 Standard test method for peel resistance for adhesives (T-peel test)
  • BS EN Structural adhesives. Characterisation of a surface by measuring adhesion by means of the three point bending method

hEN 15274 General purpose adhesives for structural assembly

This European Standard specifies requirements for adhesives intended for use in the creation and general assembly of load-bearing, structural elements used in civil engineering works and the construction of buildings. Other than the exceptions stated, it embraces all combinations of bonded materials, used to create or repair load-bearing elements. It covers individual adhesives and special purpose kits comprising various combinations of adhesive types and components, using test methods:

  • BS EN 1465 Tensile Lap Shear Strength rigid-to-rigid bonded assemblies
  • EN ISO 527-2 Tensile properties
  • EN ISO 527-3 Tensile properties
  • EN ISO 75-3: 2004 Determination of temperature of deflection under load
  • EN 15336 Determination of the time to rupture of bonded joints under static load
  • EN ISO 9142 Guide to the selection of standard laboratory ageing conditions for testing bonded joints
  • EN ISO 11339 T-peel test for flexible-to-flexible bonded assemblies
  • EN 14022 Determination of the pot life (working life) of multicomponent adhesives

Tests for Adhesives for the Joining Industry

  • BS 5350 Group C Adhesively bonded joints: mechanical tests
  • BS EN 1465 Tensile lap shear of rigid-to-rigid- bonded assemblies

Tests for Adhesives for the Aerospace Series BS EN 2243

  • Part 1 Single lap shear
  • Part 2 Peel metal to metal
  • Part 5 Ageing tests
  • Part 6 Determination of shear stress and shear strain

All tests are carried out to the latest version of the specification unless otherwise requested.

Our Solutions

4ward Testing solutions provide:

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  • Strong business partnership
  • Key stage project feedback
  • Real business value
  • Extended web presence
  • Targeted SEO keywords
  • Online business promotion

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