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    A good technical response to our testing needs, efficient service and we quickly received our report.

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Bespoke testing rigs and design Projects

Bespoke testing rigs and design Projects

4ward Testing Ltd have technical personnel with over 45 years experience in the testing and development of products and equipment, and the Laboratory is UKAS Accredited  (No 0307) to ISO 17025 and a Notified Test Laboratory (NB 2538) for Sealants to hEN 15651:2012, Parts1-5.

 Prototype production line for applying non- slip coating to flooring material

Full-scale production line incorporating application of grit/plastisol to flooring 
material at temperature with cooling

Wear Abrader for flooring tiles/material

Pressure test rig for burst test of condoms

Giant Air Gun to test world cup footballs to FIFA 

Treadmill for the testing of golf buggies to incorporate different surface profiles, various speeds, UV light, rain etc

Tack Testing Apparatus “Datatac” for Testing Surface stickiness of materials (pre-pregs,     adhesives)

Impulse Test Rigs to test car fuel filters

Torsion Test Rig for a range of automotive and aerospace fuel filters

Temperature Retraction Rig for testing of Rubber Material (Temperature Retraction 

Stiffness & Low Temperature Rig for testing of Rubber Products (Gehman Test)

Pulsed, cycled & static test rig based on hydraulPulse technology for lifetime evaluation of products                

Peel Adhesion Rig for full size diameter pipes with test temperatures up to +150°C

Environmental Test Chamber for testing large diameter pipes with temperature 
range of -30°C to +80°C
Salt Spray & Rain Chambers

Pulsed, cycled and Static pressure rig for Hydraulic brake hoses

Pulsed Pressure Rig for flex testing of air brake Hoses 

Sealant Test Rig for adhesion and cohesion properties on a range of substrates

“Whip” test machine for testing of brake hoses to FMVSS-106 Section   

Custom fixtures for iPhone anti-theft for destruction and usability tests

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