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  • Pall Europe Ltd

    4ward Testing have performed contracted testing and analysis services for Pall Europe Ltd and Pall Automotive Group on a wide range of products and material. We have always found them to be professional in their consideration of how to perform…

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Automotive Testing Services - 4ward Testing

Automotive Testing Services

With 8 out of 11 of the Formula 1 constructors based in the UK the global confidence in UK high performance marques is as strong as ever. The UK also manufactures many of the world's most recognised names for export across Europe. 4ward Testing provides business critical testing to ensure these firms retain their reputations.

What does that number mean to you? No, not the Golden Ratio that’s 1.61803398875. Amongst the stringent safety Tests that all Brake Hoses must be subjected to is the Whip Test, clause S5.3.3 FMVSS-106 and 4.2.6 SAE J1401 This is the hardest test for brake…
Brake hose testing is the most vital aspect of automotive manufacturing.  With increased opportunities for libel action and demands for quality and value it is vital that the automotive industry follows strict standards for testing and quality assurance.
Protective coatings on motor vehicles are subject to continuous degradation from Sunlight and water, In addition to our QUV chamber 4ward Testing has a xennon arc accelerated weathering chamber to thoroughly test your coatings and trims and establish longevity.
The combination of salt, water and metal is no great mystery, the result is entropy. Testing your protective coatings resistance in our salt water and fog chambers will give you valuable data on their effectiveness.
For when a gentle mist or light spray won't have any useful effect on you product, our heavy rain and UV simulator could be just what's needed to break the barrier.  
The global automotive market leaves vehicles exposed to all manner of extreme weather and climatic conditions, from the frosty whiteness of the Arctic and Antarctic to the blistering heat of the Nevada desert, not forgetting the dripping humid heat in the tropics, the natural world…

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4ward Testing solutions provide:

  • Commercial focus
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  • Key stage project feedback
  • Real business value

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Bespoke Testing

  • Our Adaptable Laboratory specialises in Bespoke Testing and has over 50 years of experience in designing and building custom test rigs and tailor made test programmes.
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