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  • Bredero Shaw

    A good technical response to our testing needs, efficient service and we quickly received our report.

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Standard updated

Standard updated

The BS EN 15651 1-5:2017 and BS EN 12004 1- 2:2017 have recently been updated, and we await confirmation of their approval in the Offi- cial Journal of the European Union, says 4Ward Testing. There are minor changes and improvements in these specifications which ensure procedures are clearer and diminish any ambiguity over performance requirements. We are certainly ready at 4Ward Testing to carry our any testing to the new specifications and have developed a new testing rig which gives us larger testing capacity and increased accuracy of amplitude and elongation measurements. The sealant industry is highly active and many groups and official bodies, including BASA, are working hard to review specifications and develop new performance guidelines. Changes and discussions to look out for over the coming years will include changes in the testing for the microbiological resistance of sanitary sealants, volume shrinkage when testing to BE EN 10563, and the development of standards for a curing profile and adhesion peel. All of which will help to determine the long term performance of sealants, ensure better reproducibility and clearer end user choices.

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  • Our Adaptable Laboratory specialises in Bespoke Testing and has over 50 years of experience in designing and building custom test rigs and tailor made test programmes.
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